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“At Hotel CURRENT, we take the “Back to the Basics” approach through keeping things simple; and simply put, we believe that our guests come first. Providing you an uplifting experience is what defines our every action, placement of service, choice in décor, and use of creative ways in showing our appreciation back to you”- Hotel CURRENT

Great customer service is an extremely important part of what makes Hotel CURRENT different than any other hotel in the area. As a top priority, their representatives and staff strive to create a warm and welcoming environment for a total lifestyle experience for each of their guests.

As a Lifestyle Hotel with boutique elements, you and your family or friends can enjoy all the luxury, service, and beauty found in a boutique setting, enhancing the fun and relaxation of your vacation. Boutique elements also have the distinction of being very stylish and modern. Some of the top benefits of staying in Hotel CURRENT include:

  • Eye-catching art. Unlike other hotels that are filled with generic landscape images, boutique hotels offer a more personalized touch to their décor. Many feature a variety of fantastic one-of-a-kind paintings. When you enjoy looking at your hotel’s art this much, it may be hard to leave the room! Check out Hotel CURRENT’s local artist, Steve Fawley 
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products. The modern trend of going green isn’t limited to the average household. Many hotels have made the switch from harmful, chemical-filled products to eco-friendly cleaning products that are much safer and healthier for guests and the environment. Some hotels will also use eco-friendly materials for their towels, flooring, paper goods, and more.
  • Pet-friendly rooms. When traveling, why not bring the whole family along? Many hotels do not have accommodations for pets, leaving families in need of dog and cat sitters while they’re away. Only the best hotels are glad to accommodate you and your pets.

Come and discover Hotel CURRENT and the travel experience in a new way!


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5325 e. pacific coast highway

long beach, california 90804

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