The Best Ice Cream Spots in Long Beach, CA

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Looking for something to cool you down and satisfy your sweet tooth while enjoying the sights and sounds of the city?


Then look no further than our guide to some of the best ice cream spots in Long Beach!


Here’s the scoop.


The Best Ice Cream Spots in Long Beach, CA


1. Long Beach Creamery

With flavors consisting of Midnight Oolong, Burnt Caramel, and Whiskey Vanilla, LB Creamery isn’t afraid to take chances on handcrafting some amazing ice cream flavors.


Check out their selection and order for pickup or delivery, here.


Locations – Bixby Knolls, Downtown, Steelcreaft Bellflower


2. After’s Ice Cream

Their motto is ‘Less Talk, More Ice Cream’.


We can get down with that.


Afters is a modern, handcrafted ice cream shop that lets customers buy scoops of ice cream in between two milky buns, or just a couple of scoops by themselves. Either way you take it, it’s sugar heaven.


Their signature flavors include Cookie Monster, Milk & Cereal, Vietnamese Coffee, and others.


Location – Bixby Village Plaza


3. Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt On The Boardwalk

Who can forget about ice cream on the boardwalk?


Through a series of ownership changes since in 1987 and with a selection of more than 25 flavors available in a cup or cone, this ice cream shop has been Long Beach’s favorite for good reason.


Their menu includes tasty treats including both ice cream and frozen yogurt, sundaes, specialty beverages and treats, and much more.


Location – Shoreline Village


4. Frostbites Crepes & Frozen Delights

Frostbites has been around since 2002 serving up some delicious frozen (and not frozen) treats to their customers including Italian ice, frozen custard, sweet crepes, and even sandwich crepes. Check out more of their popular items here.


Their variety of flavors and styles makes them a must-visit ice cream shop to get your fix!


Location –  Circle Center West


5. Rori’s Artisanal Creamery

Rori Travato, the owner of this ice cream shop, is a whiz when it comes to crafting some top-notch ice cream. Her years of experience in the game gives her the edge in knowing what kinds of ingredients to use for a treat you won’t soon forget. Read about her story here!


With signature flavors including Biscoff, Black Pepper Pistachio, Brown Sugar Banana, and Cinnamon Toast Cereal Crunch, there’s something here for everyone, including flavors you wouldn’t expect but are to die for.


Location – Steelcraft Long Beach


6. Churriño Gourmet Dessert

Although not really an ice cream shop, Churriño’s is a dessert shop that’s more geared toward their amazing churros than ice cream. 


In fact, the closest thing they sell to ice cream is gelato, but the combination of the two together (gelato and churros) makes for a culinary experience you may have not thought would exist but after you try it, you’ll never want it to have ended.


Check out their menu and see why this spot is so popular. 


Location – The Promenade


7. Hug Life

Hug Life’s slogan is ‘Anti-Dairy Ice Cream n Stuff’. Better believe it. 


This establishment is fueled by organic, plant-based sweets, which is a uniquely delicious and mouth-watering alternative to regular ice cream.


Some of their flavors consist of:


  • Sesame Street (roasted black sesame with activated charcoal
  • Honeydew
  • Taro
  • Mango Chamoy (mango nectar base with chamoy sauce and tajin seasoning)
  • Banana Boy (banana, roasted walnuts, cookie bits, and a hint of cinnamon)
  • And much more


Their first shop opened in 2017 and started out with one store in Garden Grove, CA. Now they have 3 locations, in Orange and in Long Beach.


If you’ve never had non-dairy ice cream, this is the place to go and get it. You’ll probably get hooked. 


Check out their merchandise too!


Location – 4th Street


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