Guest Review | Why We LOVE What We Do!

The answer is simple…we LOVE what we do! Being able to create lasting experiences for our guests provides a memorable relationship for years to come. At Hotel CURRENT, we want our guests to know and feel our appreciation. By creating this, we celebrate you!

Just recently received by our guest, Pastor Peter Olson, a letter of his experience here with us brings a smile to our faces and the fuel to keep going. Check it out…

Dear Sheri, [General Manager of Hotel CURRENT]


It was nice to see you, at least briefly, on my eight days at Hotel Current. 

Once again your whole staff was superb! I do want to recognize Wayne, Leanne, and Melissa who went overboard to make sure my stay was a good one—but the whole front staff was great. Also, I want to compliment the housekeeping staff, who worked so hard to keep our rooms clean and tidy. They are so special. I have come to like them so much too. And this year I used the shuttle bus much more. It is one of the best values in the hotel business. I know other BIG hotels do this, but you do it within the smaller setting. It helps those of us see the City of Long Beach more than we would. The drivers were always courteous and on time. Bravo!! 


So hopefully I come again next year. There is more I want to see and more I want to do. I have added a lot of restaurants to my list! 

By the way, I have also met many new friends in my fellow customers of Hotel Current, from around the world! The word has got out about Hotel Current! 

Wishing you well and continued success. I will try to put this on Yelp or something… 

God bless you.

Pastor Peter Olson | Poynette, WI


“Thank you Pastor Peter Olson! We thank you for your support and look forward to sharing more experiences together.” ~ Team Hotel CURRENT


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