Guide to Long Beach Art Walk

girl painting a mural in long beach for the art walk

The art walk.


What is it?


You’ve probably heard people talking about it here and there, and maybe you know what it is, or maybe you’re still unsure. 


For those who have ever attended an art walk in a major city, those will say it’s quite the experience. 


For those who haven’t yet had the privilege of attending one, it’s definitely something that should be added to your calendar. And soon.


But that still doesn’t define what an art walk is. I’ll get to that now.


By subjective definition, an art walk is essentially an open-air festival that showcases artists, musicians, street performers, small businesses serving food and selling items including clothes, and anything else that represents what a community is about.


There is a contagious energy that buzzes throughout the air at an art walk. From beginning to end, you’ll have on a big smile on your face not only because of the way the environment makes you feel but also because you’re witnessing something amazing in the community.


Being able to attend one is a treat. When the opportunity arises, grab a hold of it. Here’s a little bit more into The Long Beach Art Walk and what makes this one special.


The Long Beach Art Walk

Long Beach is a diverse city, to say the least. It’s only fitting to have one of the biggest art walks in Southern California be located here.

The Long Beach Art Walk is a project funded by the Arts Council for Long Beach that celebrates the vibrant arts scene the LBC has to offer. The walk comprises of 7 art filled city blocks lined with an eclectic atmosphere of music and fun. 

The Long Beach Art Walk is located just a few blocks away from the beach in the center of the East Village Arts District. The family-friendly event happens every second Saturday of the month that you won’t want to miss.


Long Beach Art Walk Location


  • East Village/Downtown Long Beach, CA 90802
  • Download the full Long Beach Art Walk Map


Long Beach Art Walk Hours


  • Open 5 – 10 p.m. Every Second Saturday


Hub Locations





  • 2-hour free parking (on 3rd st next to Harvey Milk prom. parking)
  • Promenade Lot (on N. Tribune Ct. behind MADE)
  • 3rd St / Acres of Books Lot (Corner of Long Beach Blvd and 3rd Street)
  • James Republic (Courtyard by Marriott LB Downtown




  • FREE!


Notable Artists 


  • Dave Van Patten: “Dave Van Patten is a well-known Long Beach Illustrator, Designer, Humorist, and Muralist. His work demonstrates visuals ranging from dreamlike absurdism, psychedelic surrealism, childlike storybook simplicity, ethical fables, to disturbingly dark humor. Dave also has a few other murals around town.”


  • Felipe Pantone: “Felipe Pantone is an Argentine-Spanish contemporary artist. Pantone’s body of work is based in kinetic art, installations, graffiti & design, characterized by “use of bold colors, geometrical patterns, and OP art elements.” His combinations recall “bright colored typography, 80s synth-pop music, and SMPTE color bars on the TV.” 


  • Sparc: Sparc is one of our local Long Beach muralists. Born in Mexico City, he has lived most of his life here in Long Beach. His style combines a clash of graffiti, graphic design, and illustration. You can see his work all around town, including on the walls inside Studio One Eleven, The Packard, and many exterior walls throughout downtown. 


Join in on the fun and immerse yourself in a world of paintings, sculptures, performances, trades, and live music to stimulate all of your senses. Come explore the 7 galleries, 21 murals, and 30 businesses in attendance every week. 


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