Top 5 Surf Spots Near Long Beach California

photo of someone surfing next to The Huntington Beach Pier

Long Beach may not be known as a surfing destination, but some of the best breaks in Southern California are within a 30-minute drive from downtown. Continue reading for our list of the best surf spots near the LBC.


1. Trestles 

While crowded, Trestles is one of the most consistent and high-quality waves in all of Southern California. Surfers enjoy the easy paddle out to a classic reef/point break with peeling left and right-hand waves. Nestled just south of San Clemente within San Onofre State Beach, Trestles boasts days of near-perfect ways. Depending on the conditions, this break caters to world-class professional surfers as well as beginners and long-boarders. Even though it’s one of the most crowded surf breaks in all of California, just catching one single wave here will make your day. 


2. 56th Street Newport Beach 

Newport Beach has always been a hub of high-performance surfing and surf culture with the entire surf industry built in its backyard of Costa Mesa. When the summer months roll around, 56th street can produce world-class left-hand waves and fast punchy sections. While best in the summer and early fall, 56th street is a consistent year-round option. Definitely more of a performance wave, this spot is generally reserved for more advanced surfers. You might even see some local pros paddling out at this highly trafficked spot. 


3. Huntington Beach Pier

The now trademarked moniker of “Surf City USA” is reserved for the classic Orange County surf destination of Huntington Beach and the site of the US Open of Surfing. The Pier is at the heart of the Huntington Beach surfing metropolis. The waves here aren’t nearly as good as other spots down the Orange County coast, but it’s a must-visit spot for any surfer. With that being said, much like Newport Beach, it’s a consistent spot with swell hitting all year round. Outside of the water, you can enjoy all the splendors of the commercialized surf industry at the likes of Huntington Surf & Sport, Jacks, Rip Curl, Katin, & more.   


4. Salt Creek 

Salt Creek is an idyllic beach in Dana Point nestled under the expensive cliff-perched Ritz-Carlton Resort. Salt Creek is one of the best waves in Southern California with views to match. The point boasts a forgiving left-hander that makes for a perfect longboard wave when the conditions match up. Moving north up the beach, you’ll field more aggressive waves with punchy little tubes frequented by bodyboarders and brave surfers. After your surf sesh, you can even go up and grab a burger and milkshake from the snack shack just above the beach. 


5. Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach is one of the birthplaces of surfing in California and it’s another must-visit for any avid surfer. The beach is popular with beginner surfers as the waves are a bit softer and more forgiving, but still consistent. Not to mention, Hermosa Beach is a fantastic place to hang out with a classic beachfront bike path and plenty of volleyball games to go around. After surfing, satiate your appetite with a meal from one of the restaurants near the beach. 


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