Wild Rides, Water Slides and Amazing History at Knott’s Berry Farm

Ground view of Knott's Berry Farm Spinning Chair Ride

A true Southern California icon, there is only one Knotts Berry Farm.  It’s located in Buena Park and hosts over 3.5 Million visitors each year.

Today it is known as a mecca of wild rides, attractions, and entertainment, but originally in the 1920s, it began as a berry stand on the side of the road.

How Knott’s Berry Farm Got Started

The Knott’s Berry Farm theme began as a berry farm established by Walter Knott and his family.

Beginning in the mid-1920s, the Knott family sold berries, berry preserves, and pies from a roadside stand. In 1934, the Knotts began selling fried chicken dinners in a tea room on the property. The dinners soon became a major tourist draw, and the Knotts built several shops and other attractions to entertain visitors while waiting for a seat in the restaurant.

In 1940, Walter Knott began constructing a replica Ghost Town on the property, which was the beginning of today’s theme park. In 1968, for the first time, a 25 cent admission fee was required to get into the park.

Expansion continued in the 1970s with the addition of nostalgic traditional amusements such as Wheeler Dealer Bumper Cars, Knott’s Bear-y Tales. In 1975, Motorcycle Chase was added which at the time was a thrilling ride. Today the Xcelerator, a vertical launch coaster has taken its place.

In 1997, the Knott family sold the amusement park operations to Cedar Fair Entertainment Company. The family chose to sell to Cedar Fair instead of Disney, as they wanted the site and history to be preserved.

Knott’s Berry Farm Rides

Featuring over 30 unique rides for kids and adults (i.e. big kids), there is more to do than a single day will allow.

The most popular and well-known rides at Knott’s Berry Farm include:



Knotts Berry Farm is known for continually building faster, more thrilling rides for visitors. Many theme parks around the world have copied the innovations created at Knott’s Berry Farm.

Another large attraction during the summertime is Knott’s Soak City Waterpark. Open mid-May through early-September, it is Orange County’s largest water with a total of 22 speed, tube and body slides plus a giant wave pool, lazy river, and interactive kids area.

Knott’s Berry Farm Special Events

Perhaps almost as popular as the rides are the seasonal events that Knott’s Berry Farm holds each year.

The most famous is the annual Halloween event ‘Knott’s Scary Farm’ has been running each year since 1973.  During this special event, major areas of the park are re-themed into a ‘haunted house’ style with mazes and “scare zones” in the evening.

The event has proved incredibly popular each year, so much that Knott’s Scary Farm generates half the revenue for Knott’s Berry Farm’s fiscal year.

Winter Coaster Solace’ is an event that takes place in March every year when roller coaster enthusiasts can come before the park opens and stay after the park closes to ride the rides and eat at the Chicken Dinner Restaurant. A play on the words Winter Solstice, it is intended to provide ‘solace’ to visitors from other parts of the country where theme parks and roller coasters are seasonal.

Since 1991, Knott’s Berry Farm has offered free admission to veterans and their families during the month of November. Hotel Current also proudly offers a 20% discount to veterans and active military members, all year round!

A Christmas event is known as ‘Knott’s Merry Farm’ also happens annually. The events include manufactured snow, handcrafts exhibits, and a visit with Santa Claus.

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