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Best Tacos in Long Beach, CA

August 24, 2020
Category: Long Beach Attractions

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when wanting something quick to eat, yet full of flavor and inexpensive?


Tacos, of course!


For those few short minutes of eating one, of four, or six, you are transformed into culinary heaven and can’t help but enjoy yourself.


The combination of the meat with the cilantro, lime, hot sauce, and anything else that you desire all come together to form a perfect harmony.


Depending on how packed the taco was with ingredients, there are usually some remnants that fall onto the plate. 


Protip – if you put an empty tortilla underneath the one you are currently eating, the contents that fall out of the one you are currently eating will create a new taco!


Truth is, we all have our favorite taco spots. Ask anyone around and nine times out of ten, you’re sure to get a response.


But there is almost a competition in whether one person’s taco spot is better than another. 


But in actuality, while it’s hard to mess up a taco, there are certainly some places that do better than others. Some of those places are just known for it.


So without anymore delay, we’re here to present you with some of the best taco spots in Long Beach.




1. Long Beach Taco – 1st Street

While amazing tacos are certainly on the menu, this establishment serves up authentic Mexican cuisine, including using hand made tortillas, alongside having a selection of nearly 40 craft beers and plenty of margaritas. They also serve gourmet churros in case a sweet tooth hits.


A notable feature about this taco spot is that they upgraded the front of its business, converting a small section into something similar to a bodega where you can purchase essential groceries and other items. Pretty cool!


Next to their great food, they have very hospitable service and make you feel right at home.


Can’t get much better than this!


2. El Taco Loco #3 – Magnolia Ave

El Taco Loco is an authentic Mexican food restaurant that serves up some of the best tacos in the city.


And the best part is, it’s open 24 hours. Craving a taco at 3 am? Here’s your answer.


Surely that’s an unusual time to crave a taco, but hey we’ll take it.


There are different El Taco Locos in Long Beach and in different cities, all signified with different numbers at the end. This one so happens to be #3. 


Next to their amazing taco selection, is their packed menu full of other goodies including burritos, pozole, Menudo, and more. 


Their friendly staff and amazing food make this place one to visit when in Long Beach.


3. Holé Molé – 4th Street

Holé Molé is one of Long Beach’s favorite taco spots, serving up delicious tacos, mole, and other authentic Mexican fares.


While they have a large assortment of tacos, one of their most popular tacos is the fish taco, packed with lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, cilantro, and a creamy sauce.


They also serve breakfasts, burritos (even veggie burritos) entree plates, and much more.


One of their reviewers says:


“I don’t know how they do it but I swear, I can slap someone for their burritos! They taste soooooo good!!!!!”


This one speaks for itself.


4. Baja Sonora – Clark Ave

Baja Sonora is a local favorite Mexican restaurant that serves up delicious, award-winning tacos. Award-winning from the readers of the Press-Telegram, and featured in Sunset Magazine for some of their food items.


This establishment serves up large portions of delicious Mexican food, including their famous tacos. You can choose from options including 


Deep-Fried Hard Taco

Carne Nada Taco

Salmon Soft Taco

Mahi-Mahi Fish Soft Taco

Shrimp Soft Taco

Much more


Baja Sonora also has Taco Tuesdays, Happy Hour. They also cater for large events. 


Definitely worth a look!


5. El Bukanas – Anaheim St

El Bukanas is one of those small and unassuming restaurants, but those are usually the ones that serve up the best food. This is no exception.


This place is known for serving up delicious Mexican fare including tortas, ceviche, antojitos, quesadillas, and of course, tacos.


They serve a variety of taco options to satisfy your cravings, with names including Gobernador, Abogado, Presidente, and Dorados De Papa.


One reviewer states:


“My favorite hole in the wall quick taco shop! They have al vapor tacos which are cooked with steam so they are definitely a healthier option. Ceviches are really good to share. And my favorite is the torta bukanera which has 3 types of meat, milanesa, carne Asada and ham with cheese, avocado, tomato and onions. Throw your favorite hot sauces on there and you got a bomb ass sandwich!” 


Sounds good to us!


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