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Hotel Blog - Hotel Current, CA

September 21, 2020

Guide to Long Beach Airport (LGB)

Long Beach Airport (LGB) is a gem among Southern California travel options and Hotel CURRENT is extremely lucky to have it right in our backyard.  Rather than having to drive to LAX and deal with the mess of traffic, long lines, and hours of waiting, Long Beach Airport provides its guests with a streamlined experience that’s more enjoyable and convenient. Leisure and business travelers alike love LGB for its free wifi, recently renovated concourse, convenient parking, great dining o...
September 15, 2020

17 Best Date Ideas in Long Beach, CA

Nervous for a first date or looking to rekindle the love with a much-needed date-night? Long Beach is an exciting city to date in with venues and activities for the most diverse of tastes. Take your pick from restaurants, beaches, bars, gardens, parks, and plenty more. Best of all, most of our favorite date spots in Long Beach are completely free. Experience love in the LBC with our list of the 15 best date ideas! TOP 17 DATE IDEAS IN LONG BEACH 1. Earl Burns Miller Japanese Gardens Th...
September 07, 2020

7 Best Farmers’ Markets in Long Beach, CA

There are few better things than waking up early and taking a stroll down a farmers’ market and seeing the wide selection of fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products, jams, jellies, sauces, wine, trinkets, and many other items for sale. Farmers’ markets are like little cities within the city, filled with cheerful vendors selling the public homegrown and homemade items for a few hours out of the day. Some of these mini markets are small in size, while others are larger, especially i...
August 24, 2020

Best Tacos in Long Beach, CA

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when wanting something quick to eat, yet full of flavor and inexpensive?   Tacos, of course!   For those few short minutes of eating one, of four, or six, you are transformed into culinary heaven and can’t help but enjoy yourself.   The combination of the meat with the cilantro, lime, hot sauce, and anything else that you desire all come together to form a perfect harmony.   Depending on how packed the taco was wit...
July 27, 2020

The Best Ice Cream Spots in Long Beach, CA

Looking for something to cool you down and satisfy your sweet tooth while enjoying the sights and sounds of the city?   Then look no further than our guide to some of the best ice cream spots in Long Beach!   Here’s the scoop.   THE BEST ICE CREAM SPOTS IN LONG BEACH, CA   1. Long Beach Creamery With flavors consisting of Midnight Oolong, Burnt Caramel, and Whiskey Vanilla, LB Creamery isn’t afraid to take chances on handcrafting some amazing ice cre...
December 23, 2019

New Year’s Eve Events in Long Beach, CA

Long Beach is an exciting city with plenty to do on New Year’s Eve. With this year being a new decade, make sure to celebrate accordingly. That’s why we put together a list of our favorite Long Beach events like New Year’s Eve at the Waterfront, Aquarium of the Pacific New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s on the Queen Mary. Continue reading to view the full list!   1. NEW YEAR’S EVE ON THE QUEEN MARY Ring in the New year aboard the historic Queen Mary o...
September 23, 2019

Earl Burns Miller Japanese Gardens

The Earl Burn Miller Japanese Garden located on the campus of Cal State University, Long Beach (CSULB) is truly a gem in the heart of Long Beach. Enter into a world of peace and quiet as you stroll through the winding pathways, observe the playful koi, check out the tea house, and finally relax in the zen garden. With blossoms year-round, cultural events, and rotating exhibits. There’s always something to do at Long Beach State’s Japanese Garden. Dedicated in April 1981, the 1.3-acr...
September 16, 2019

Soak in Some Culture at the Long Beach Museum of Art

The Long Beach Museum of Art (LBMA) was founded in 1950 as a municipal art center for the city of Long Beach. From the beginning, the Museum has been located in the historic 1911 Elizabeth Milbank Anderson House. In 1957, the Anderson House was designated as the Long Beach Museum of Art, at which time the Museum began acquiring a permanent collection.   The Museum’s permanent collection is diverse with more than 3,200 works from 300 years of Americ...
December 18, 2018

Good Old Fashioned Fun in Long Beach

If you’re planning a stay in Long Beach and want to experience some of the local food and fare, then we have something special for you.   The famous 4th street in Long Beach is home to restaurants, art galleries, vintage clothing and furniture stores, street art, performers and much more! It is the heart and soul of the Long Beach art community, and offers an experience unlike any other. Shoppers looking to buy vintage clothes, furniture and other memorabilia from the 50s to the 70...
September 24, 2018

Explore all the Galore!!

Planning a trip to our beautiful coastal city of Long Beach? At Hotel Current you’re surrounded by a plentitude of places to explore!   If you’re looking for a relaxing day of walking around enjoying the gorgeous views, window shopping or trying the eclectic collection of restaurants, there is no better place to go than Shoreline Village.   Water is the driving force of all nature.  ~ Leonardo da Vinci   If you and your family are in town, you must expl...
June 15, 2020

A Golfer’s Paradise in the Heart of Southern California

When thinking of Long Beach, one might immediately start thinking of The Queen Mary, Retro Row, or the pristine beaches. Another attraction that should be at top of mind should be golfing. Long Beach is one of the best places in Southern California to set up shop on the green and have some fun in the sun. Long Beach’s central location and gorgeous weather make it a perfect year-round option for golfers of all skill levels, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned vet. Th...
November 03, 2020

End Your Long Beach Visit with a Queen Mary Tour

The Queen Mary is a must-see favorite destination among residents in Long Beach, those who travel from far and of course, Hotel Current guests. As a cornerstone of the Long Beach Community, this attraction should absolutely have a space on anyone’s bucket list.  The long-retired vintage cruise ship offers visitors award-winning food, tours, views, shows, events, and more.   A RICH HISTORY OF THE QUEEN MARY In 1929, the Cunard luxury cruise line company started to discuss plan...
May 26, 2020

Visit Shoreline Village Mall for Food, Fun, and Finery

If you catch yourself in Long Beach one day and feel like a little seaside visit could be interesting, then be sure to stop by Shoreline Village. This little gem in the LBC is stocked with so many cool things that can keep you busy for the entire day. A better way to explore this place is to set a date to come here, so you can plan your day and enjoy everything it has to offer. On this popular waterfront boardwalk you will find quirky shops and souvenir stores, entertainment, an...
May 11, 2020

Top 4 Things to Do in Seal Beach

WHERE IS SEAL BEACH? Seal Beach is located just outside of Long Beach. Technically in Orange County, Seal Beach is between Long Beach and Huntington Beach – less than 7 miles away from downtown Long Beach. Just a short trip away, it’s definitely worth the excursion during your time in Long Beach! WHY IS IT CALLED SEAL BEACH? Sorry to get your hopes up, but seals don’t frequent Seal Beach these days. While Seal Beach is named after the seals that used to be in abundance on th...
May 04, 2020

Cruise from Long Beach to Catalina for Island Fun

Want to get away without really having to get away?   Catalina Island is the perfect Southern California day trip destination and it’s just an hour from Long Beach. Resting 22 miles south-southwest of Los Angeles, Catalina Island is the southernmost island of California’s Channel Islands. It is made up of two towns, the city of Avalon on one end and a village called Two Harbors on the other. Not only is it a fun place to explore, but it’s easy t...
April 27, 2020

Take a Virtual Tour of Long Beach

Longing to visit the beach or take in the skyline? You may be homebound right now, but you can still experience Long Beach through virtual tours and videos. Not only can these virtual tours of Long Beach provide you a break from the same scenery you’ve been surrounded by, but they can also give you some ideas of places you’ll want to visit when you can come out and enjoy the city! Take a virtual trip to Long Beach and start planning your visit when you’re finally able to come o...
April 20, 2020

Top 4 Walking Trails in Long Beach

While many people come to Long Beach for, well, the beach, there are plenty of walking trails that offer beautiful views of the city as you get some fresh air and exercise. And given that we’re currently in the throes of COVID-19, we wanted to showcase some of our favorite walking trails that you can still enjoy, even under stay-at-home orders. Just remember to keep social distancing when you’re out! Here’s our short list of walking trails in Long Beach to ease your mind. LONG...
November 03, 2020

Top 10 Free Things to do in Long Beach

A day well spent in Long Beach doesn’t have to have a hefty price tag. From classic neighborhoods to sandy beaches, you’ll find Long Beach to be an urban waterfront oasis. See what makes the area a can’t miss day trip in Southern California. Check out our list of the top things to do in Long Beach that won’t break the bank.   1. SIGNAL HILL  Signal Hill’s Hilltop Park offers one of the best panoramic views in the Greater Los Angeles Area. There’s ...
April 06, 2020

Guide to the Long Beach Antique Market

If you’re a fan of antiques, flea markets, and getting out and about on a weekend morning, oh do we have a spot for you. The Long Beach Antique Market is a popular flea market that has been around for nearly 30 years and is still going strong. Some of the markets’ accolades include being named the “Top Ten Flea Markets in the US” by Good Housekeeping, and the “Best Flea Market in LA” by the Los Angeles Times. They are open every third Sunday of the ...
March 16, 2020

The El Dorado Nature Center & Park in Long Beach

If you’re looking for a breath of fresh air and a quiet place to escape to in the midst of a bustling city, then The El Dorado Nature Center in Long Beach should be your next stop. The majestic El Dorado Nature Center was built 1969 and sports over 100 acres of pristine land and has multiple lakes. It’s also a wildlife sanctuary, so the chance to see different kinds of animals in their natural habitat is promising. Best of all, entrance is free. Some of the animals you mi...
March 26, 2020

Top 5 Best Beaches in Long Beach, California

When one thinks of Long Beach, one could envision an artistic town with a bustling nightlife, fun local events that pop up every weekend, or what the name of the city is actually named after, which is a beach that’s long and wide.  But what if we told you there was more than one beach in this city, and each of them had their own special traits? Long Beach, CA was originally founded in 1888 with the original name of Wilmore City, but then officially changed to Long Beach because ...