Belmont Shore & Naples: Long Beach’s Quintessential Seaside Community

Couple paddleboard in the water in belmont shore long beach

If asked to picture a classic Southern California neighborhood, it would probably look something like Belmont Shore & Naples.

This Long Beach Seaside Community is home to calm beaches, serene lagoons, attractive canals, beautiful boardwalks, and of course, the bustling and energetic environment of Second Street. 

Where is Belmont Shore & Naples, you may ask? Well, they are situated just minutes from Downtown Long Beach. 

Belmont Shore (affectionately titled “The Shore”) & Naples has evolved into a coastal paradise full of activities and nighttime family destinations.  

A Long Beach trip wouldn’t be complete without a drop into this charming area of the city. Continue reading to find out more about this fantastic place!


Things To Do in Belmont Shore 

Belmont Shore & Naples has developed into a thriving community with tons of cool places to go around the area.

One of those places is Alamitos Bay, where you can experience the exploration of their multiple lagoons! Those that simply want to relax can take a dip in the refreshing bay or suntan up on the beach. 

On the other hand, thrill-seekers and water sports enthusiasts designated areas for windsurfing, jet-skiing, and water-skiing (rentals available here). 

Those who prefer to stay on land will enjoy leisurely activities like exploring the plethora of shops and restaurants along Second Street

Belmont Shore visitors can also visit next door Naples neighborhood. There you’ll find communities built around canals inspired by Venice, Italy’s masterplan. Couples will enjoy a romantic gondola ride with a serenading gondolier as they complete their authentic Italian experience. 


Belmont Shore Nightlife

Belmont Shore is a bustling hub of nighttime entertainment with plenty of options for clubs, bars, and coffeehouses. Some of our Second Street include Murphy’s Irish Pub, Shannon’s Bayshore Saloon, and Panama Joe’s

For those looking for a mellow evening, The Library Coffee House is the perfect place to cozy up with a good book and a warm coffee. The quaint little cafe is open from 6 am- 12 am seven days a week and occasionally offers live music. 



Belmont Shore Shopping & Dining

 Belmont Shore is best known for its shopping amenities of all kinds. Second Street offers everything from higher-end brands like Banana Republic, La Bella, and Lucky Brand Jeans. There are also plenty of options for thriftier shoppers like Buffalo Exchange and Luna.  

After shopping till you drop, you’ll be happy to be located directly in the center of countless amazing restaurants. Some of the must-visits are Roe Seafood, Michael’s on Naples Ristorante, Chianina Steakhouse, Nick’s on 2nd, and plenty more.


Notable Belmont Shore & Naples Activities

While in Long Beach, more specifically Belmont Shores & Naples, you’ll come to realize that there’s so much to do here. While a popular spot for tourists looking to shop, dine, and drink, there are plenty of other activities that may spark your interest during all times of the year.

Some of the other cool activities that you can take part in are:


This event features over 500 classic cars on display, with stores, vendors, and restaurants nearby for an ultimate family experience. It’s also the largest one-day show on the West Coast. 

During the holidays, Belmont Shore gets decked out in holiday cheer with amazing floats that drive down the street, with the appearance of Santa Claus himself! 

  • Belmont Shore Massages

Looking to unwind after a long day of walking around? This place has some of the best, most revitalizing massage parlors in Orange County.

  • Belmont Shore Coffee & Tea

Need an energy boost? Long Beach is known for its sophisticated & modern coffee establishments, including Philz, Chuck’s, and Viento y Agua Coffee House.

Better known as the Shoreline Pedestrian Bikepath, this 4.5-mile path alongside the ocean is a great place for exercise, with killer views. This is one path of many.

 A Long Beach favorite! See sea life as you’ve never seen before.

Enjoy the experience of this haunted ship with your family, and you’ll have one heck of a story to tell. Enjoy their tours, or stroll along on our own.


Belmont Shore & Naples offers the perfect mix of seaside action and inland fun. Whether you’re staying in Long Beach for two days or two weeks, it’s a must-visit. For convenient and affordable hotel accommodations, contact us and book your stay at Hotel Current located near Belmont Shore in Long Beach! 


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